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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond

Lately I’ve been fascinated with names.  Specifically what to call my husband on my blog?  He actively avoids the limelight, so his real name is not an option.  Mentioning him at all can be risky.

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“We Interrupt Your Day to Bring You Bagworms, Lots and Lots of Bagworms.”

I’d known him back when.  Back when I wore snappy little suits with matching heels and lipstick.  Back when I applied mascara and eye-shadow.  Back when I fiddled with my long blonde hair until it was perfect. Yes, I knew … Continue reading

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He’s Gone. Now What? or… Me and Christine Aguilera; Alone at Last

The silence is beautiful. No one’s home but me.  Well, the dog and the two cats, but they’re blissed out; asleep.  I could be asleep too.  Taking a nap—if I wanted. Waving good-bye as my husband pulls out of the … Continue reading

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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Literary Rambles by Casey McCormick

  Here’s the thing; if I’m not writing, I should be finding an agent for my middle grade novel.    Writing to an agent to ask for representation is called querying.  The elusive art of writing query letters is almost an … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Guy Might Not Be As Brilliant As You Thought?

I’m questioning the smarts of a guy who shares my bed at night, is privy to my innermost secrets, and sees me in ways no one else ever does. No, he’s not my husband, but I can explain. This guy … Continue reading

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Picking an Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Plum Bananas by Michael R. Christer

  Let’s cut right to the chase; my shiny, juicy, ready-to-bite-into apple this week is Plum Bananas by Michael (Mike) Christer.  I love the name.  Plum Bananas.  What a great idea and play on words.  It’s A Guide to Life from “a neurotic, liberal, health-obsessed, social … Continue reading

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Perception Is Reality: (Part II) What My Husband Needs To See…

           First, I should mention I do have a desk.  I use it sometimes when my laptop is out of juice and I’m recharging.  It’s a very nice white wicker glass-topped desk with side-pockets and a padded chair.            (Confession–I had … Continue reading

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Yes, I’ve Been Fiddling With The Widgets Some More

This is an advisory post.             I have no way of knowing, but in case you signed up for my blog via RSS feed, I’ve changed the feed to go through Feedburner.  To keep receiving it, you would need to visit … Continue reading

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Perception Is Reality: (Part I) What My Husband Sees…

  What began as a light-hearted post about my husband worrying I spend too much time on the computer has turned into something I’d rather not have examined.  (After all, this from a man with three 24″ monitors; who is … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Can We Fight Who We Are?… or How Clark Kent Got Stuck In The Phone Booth

  This morning I either 1) acted spontaneously or 2) got distracted.  I took a quiz.  According to the results, I’m a “pre-panster.”  That’s a person who “sort of” flies by the seat of her pants.  I wing it—kind of.  … Continue reading

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