Only On Paper

It’s true. Age is only a number on paper.

My husband asked how I felt one year past retirement age, and all I feel is great.

My birthday was a banner day. I stayed 99% offline, gardened until the 2+ inches of rain fell, savored scrumptious Oreo ice cream cupcakes, and enjoyed so much more that made me smile – like a new rug for the freshly painted back patio. #OutsideLivingRocks

Now that I’m retired, people ask how I feel. It’s a question for reflection. 

Retirement is the gift of freedom. I want to make the most of that. 

Do I ever wish I was younger? No. 

Are there moments I wish I could redo? Yes. I would try to take better care of various body parts, not say or do hurtful things, and ask more questions. 

As the world reopens, and we start to peek out from our extreme physical distancing existence, there are new chapters to explore. 

I’m thankful for the life I lead. 

I get to spend lots and lots of time in the garden. 
We have a cat. =^.^=
My husband is a joy. 
We’re starting to see family and friends again.
I’m finding my writing voice.  

Most of all, I feel content and look forward to a new year at a new age that I’m not really counting. ~ GJDB

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8 Responses to Only On Paper

  1. Richard File says:

    Welcome back 😄

  2. Donna J Wilkinson says:

    Happy Birthday – Belated!

  3. Michael Boom Boom Wrtiterpants says:

    Love every word of this! ❤

  4. paula monroe says:


    Paula Monroe

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