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It’s Time.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact, it was December 4, 2016. I’ve missed sharing my observations, so I decided it’s time to return with an updated perspective. What is life like when you retire in the midst of … Continue reading

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2016 Christmas Movie Reviews

Seasons Greetings! I’m back at it! So far, I’m technically only one day behind… December has started with a bang. Here are my movie reviews so far.  With our first snowfall of the season gently floating down from the sky, … Continue reading

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Are Your Feed Dogs Running Right?

Let’s face it; I didn’t know I had feed dogs…
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The Whole Shebang

I’ve been remiss.  Though I faithfully posted my movie reviews each day in my Countdown to Christmas on The Yule Blogged at, my screenwriting website, I have not shared all of them here. Now that Christmas 2015 is past, and … Continue reading

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Things I Learned About Myself From A Semester Abroad

Originally posted on morganjuraco:
When I moved to Spain for a semester, I knew no one. No one. It was scary and intimidating, and at first, lonely. I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed being alone. But it took studying…

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That Old Bug-a-Boo Is Not Going To Get Me…

Yesterday I started a 21 day project I’m calling Vibrancy. Because… I have three weeks of time staring me in the face. My husband and I start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions a few days early.  We spend January 1 … Continue reading

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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Peter Walsh Design by Peter Walsh, plus… How To Prepare For A Garage Sale Without Losing Your Mind Or Your Husband: Part II.

Look at me; combining two articles in one. Efficient or crazy?  When you’re looking down the home stretch at a garage sale on Saturday, and you’re still at first base on Wednesday, I call it efficient.  When you’re up at 4 … Continue reading

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