It’s Time.

Time to smell the daisies.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact, it was December 4, 2016.

I’ve missed sharing my observations, so I decided it’s time to return with an updated perspective.

What is life like when you retire in the midst of a pandemic with a feisty cat, an aging pooch (Hey, who’s talking?) and a self-employed husband used to having the house to himself?

This is ZuZu. She’s almost 13. She grows more beautiful every day.

Yes, I’m retiring. My recent birthday gave me the peace of mind to do that.

So, woohoo. Though I had a vague vision of some sort of celebration when the time came, instead I’m deeply thankful for what I do have.

High school seniors have missed their graduations, college grads had job offers put on hold or withdrawn, weddings have been postponed, new babies have been welcomed in much smaller circles, and baseball still hasn’t come back, so I can suck it up, buttercup.

Working remotely since mid-March, I’ve discovered a few things.

While seemingly in the minority, our family remains in phase one mode, and so far, I have almost everything I need. I’m still able to avoid going out, partly because even a recovering packrat still has stuff.

Mainly, I love being home – a lot. Gardening bolsters that. (Expect lots of flora pics.)

Are there things I miss? Sure. (Don’t get me started.) The biggest is connecting in person, but for now, I rely on phone calls, texts, emails, social media, virtual connections, and the occasional socially-distanced garden visit.

As I continue to work from home until my job replacement is found, I’ll tend my garden, revisit my studio, and rekindle my passions. (Watch out – I feel a big cascade of writing coming on.)

And, I look forward to exploring new interests too. Cue: The husband shudders.

Then there’s unfinished business. For instance, do you have any idea how many broken windchimes I found in my “to be fixed” stash? Let’s just say the garden is hearing some new music.

I plan to share as I go, starting with now. It’s time.

Honey, I’m home!

As always, thanks for following along. ~ GJD

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2 Responses to It’s Time.

  1. Jean says:

    So happy to hear you’re retiring! Congrats!❤️

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