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It’s Time.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. In fact, it was December 4, 2016. I’ve missed sharing my observations, so I decided it’s time to return with an updated perspective. What is life like when you retire in the midst of … Continue reading

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2016 Christmas Movie Reviews

Seasons Greetings! I’m back at it! So far, I’m technically only one day behind… December has started with a bang. Here are my movie reviews so far.  With our first snowfall of the season gently floating down from the sky, … Continue reading

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Are Your Feed Dogs Running Right?

Let’s face it; I didn’t know I had feed dogs…
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The Whole Shebang

I’ve been remiss.  Though I faithfully posted my movie reviews each day in my Countdown to Christmas on The Yule Blogged at, my screenwriting website, I have not shared all of them here. Now that Christmas 2015 is past, and … Continue reading

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A Little Christmas Movie Escape

I mentioned that I’m writing a Christmas Family Adventure script.  I’m also watching and reviewing Christmas movies as part of my process, and it is FUN!  I’m rediscovering movies I’d forgotten about, finding movies I wish I’d watched years ago, … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile…

First off, let me say how well my husband is doing almost a year and a half after his major bicycle accident.  He’s recovered so well, I’d like to call it a mishap, but when you are technically almost internally decapitated, it … Continue reading

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My Husband is a Koala Bear.

Not just because he’s cute and hug-able. Did you know Koala bears sleep 18-22 hours a day?  Since his accident, Paul has taken naps.  Lots of naps. He’s trying to do more and more things, but for every effort, he has … Continue reading

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We Like To Keep The Neighbors Entertained.

Most recently, our neighbors can watch Paul dribble his basketball on his three mile walks up and down the adjacent boulevard thanks to his  therapist’s suggestion for improving right hand coordination. The rhythmic  reverberations can be heard several blocks away but ZuZu and I don’t … Continue reading

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A Little Light At The End of The Tunnel – The Adventures of My Amazing Guy Continue…

This is Paul’s x-ray from his 6 week post-operative check up today – he’s looking to the left.  (Original accident details here.) Based on the encouraging way his body is mending, here’s what his surgeon says he can and cannot do: He’s now … Continue reading

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For Better or For Worse… Um… What exactly did I agree to in those vows?

In a couple of weeks, Paul and I will be (quietly) celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.  That’s pretty big. As I was wrestling with some ancient pavers from my brick stash to accentuate my new lavender area last weekend, I let out … Continue reading

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