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Yes, I’ve Been Fiddling With The Widgets Some More

This is an advisory post.             I have no way of knowing, but in case you signed up for my blog via RSS feed, I’ve changed the feed to go through Feedburner.  To keep receiving it, you would need to visit … Continue reading

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Perception Is Reality: (Part I) What My Husband Sees…

  What began as a light-hearted post about my husband worrying I spend too much time on the computer has turned into something I’d rather not have examined.  (After all, this from a man with three 24″ monitors; who is … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Can We Fight Who We Are?… or How Clark Kent Got Stuck In The Phone Booth

  This morning I either 1) acted spontaneously or 2) got distracted.  I took a quiz.  According to the results, I’m a “pre-panster.”  That’s a person who “sort of” flies by the seat of her pants.  I wing it—kind of.  … Continue reading

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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… There Are No Rules by Jane Friedman

Tuesday mornings have become very important to me.  I get to weigh in at the weekly Weight Watchers meeting at 9 a.m. and see how much weight I’ve lost in the past week. I try to approach this test with … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Pretty… or Where’s Robert De Niro When I Need Him?

  Let’s get right to the chase.  I managed to sweat out exactly fifteen pages to cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it was at the cost of not sleeping in on Sunday and not getting to choose between Hoarding: … Continue reading

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Excuse City or What Do You Do When You Get Caught Cheating?

  When I got home last night after a ten-hour  workday, all I wanted was a beer and something really good—Friday night good—to eat, but I only had eight WW points left (see original post), and the lite beer cost … Continue reading

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Coyotes & Possums & Bats – Oh. No.

  We encourage wildlife to visit our backyard, but I do not invite birds, rabbits and squirrels into my home.  Last night I was up late in the spare bedroom writing, yes writing, when I heard scurrying overhead.  You know, … Continue reading

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