Excuse City or What Do You Do When You Get Caught Cheating?

Ready to go.

Sit. Desk. Write.


When I got home last night after a ten-hour  workday, all I wanted was a beer and something really good—Friday night good—to eat, but I only had eight WW points left (see original post), and the lite beer cost me two. 

Okay, so it’s 6:30 Friday night; I’m having a beer, eating carrots, watching  my husband eat homemade guacamole, and calculating what to do before reporting for work the next morning at 7:30. 

My husband wanted some husband time.  I tried to tell him all I had yet to do:  Prepare for teaching a jewelry class Saturday afternoon, walk the dog long enough to achieve 10,000 steps (I had 6,000 to go) plus the minutiae of daily living.  Oh, and write my five pages. 

He engaged me in an uncomfortable conversation about why I’d spent money on a website five years ago that had never come to fruition, yet was able to put together a site for free as he’d suggested I do—the free part—through the Internet those five long years ago. 

I tried another  tact:  “Well, do you like my new blog?”  My husband had opined for years that blogging was an exercise in narcissism, so I’d been apprehensive about sharing my plans.  (How I broke the news and his reaction is fodder for a future post.) 

He wouldn’t be diverted.  He wanted to talk about the lost money.  I wanted to talk about the critter in the attic (see yesterday’s post) and how we were going to eject it.  Clearly his efforts to gird the house had not worked.  Now it was his turn to squirm.  He wanted me to believe the footsteps I’d heard could have been a big bug—his actual words—and we didn’t need to call in a professional. 

By now, the clock was really ticking. 

That’s when I discovered my husband was an enabler.  He said, “Doesn’t your blog count as one of your pages?” 

Nice try, that would defeat the purpose of my Page Count page.  But while explaining that to him, I had a new WW eye-opener. 

Food portions/calories/fat/fiber correlate to points and everyone is allotted a certain number of points per day.  (FYI, based on my body data, I’m allowed the lowest possible points available.  Translate:  Dislike button.) 

But, to keep it real and to keep you motivated, WW allows an extra cache of bonus points per week that can be drawn on daily or in one fell swoop for a special occasion; say, homemade guacamole.  To make the pot sweeter, if you do enough activities through exercise, you earn activity points which can be traded in at the end of the week.  Only you can’t bank any daily, bonus or activity points.  They don’t roll over. 

I should have clarified my terms in my pact.  I have a week to write 35 pages.  The goal is to write five daily pages, but I see that some days will be harder than others, and like WW, a girl has to have a little wiggle room. 

I’m making Mondays the start of the new week.  Please tune in this Monday and see if I’ve been able to catch up for my lost Friday.  And of course, the critter status update.  ~ JD here. 

PS:  My husband does like Sit.Desk.Write.

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