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When Worlds Collide: My Double Life

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and slide out of bed trying not to bump anything that might wake the dog or my husband.

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What Happens When Your Guy Might Not Be As Brilliant As You Thought?

I’m questioning the smarts of a guy who shares my bed at night, is privy to my innermost secrets, and sees me in ways no one else ever does. No, he’s not my husband, but I can explain. This guy … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Can We Fight Who We Are?… or How Clark Kent Got Stuck In The Phone Booth

  This morning I either 1) acted spontaneously or 2) got distracted.  I took a quiz.  According to the results, I’m a “pre-panster.”  That’s a person who “sort of” flies by the seat of her pants.  I wing it—kind of.  … Continue reading

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Excuse City or What Do You Do When You Get Caught Cheating?

  When I got home last night after a ten-hour  workday, all I wanted was a beer and something really good—Friday night good—to eat, but I only had eight WW points left (see original post), and the lite beer cost … Continue reading

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Coyotes & Possums & Bats – Oh. No.

  We encourage wildlife to visit our backyard, but I do not invite birds, rabbits and squirrels into my home.  Last night I was up late in the spare bedroom writing, yes writing, when I heard scurrying overhead.  You know, … Continue reading

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