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It’s not a screenplay option but…

It’s not a screenplay option, but my heart still did a little flip when I learned my story about Blue Blue for Furry Friends Fur-Ever: The Book had made the cut.  So Yaay!  (And thank you once again, Blue Blue, … Continue reading

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Can Couch Potatoes Change?… or Don’t We All Start as Spuds?

It’s official.  I registered (and paid) for the triathlon scheduled for July 16.  Pretty good for someone who—until very recently—thought triathlon was spelled Tri-ath-A-lon!  If you’ve read any of my last three posts or A Running Journal diary, you’ll know I rather dubiously started running via the … Continue reading

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Stand Back (Get Out of My Way) or…Who Says There’s Limits?

When I started running a few weeks ago (see Sit.Desk.Write… and Run.), I never aspired to anything more than… running to lose a few pounds.  My athletic husband, who’s mouth is still hanging open because I’m actually moving, tentatively suggested … Continue reading

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Sit. Desk. Write… and Run.

A week and two days ago, I started running.  It wasn’t a planned event, but here I am.  As I began to chronicle my daily data; weight, distance, and my level of motivation, I realized it was turning into a … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Play Farmville…

There’s a reason why I don’t play Farmville…  or participate in diversions like The Truth Game, Bejeweled, City of Wonder, Simply Hospital, Word Challenge, or Solitaire. Especially  Solitaire. The alluring path of electronic games can be dangerously seductive.  Explaining their impact is best illustrated through a story … Continue reading

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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Peter Walsh Design by Peter Walsh, plus… How To Prepare For A Garage Sale Without Losing Your Mind Or Your Husband: Part II.

Look at me; combining two articles in one. Efficient or crazy?  When you’re looking down the home stretch at a garage sale on Saturday, and you’re still at first base on Wednesday, I call it efficient.  When you’re up at 4 … Continue reading

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He’s Gone. Now What? or… Me and Christine Aguilera; Alone at Last

The silence is beautiful. No one’s home but me.  Well, the dog and the two cats, but they’re blissed out; asleep.  I could be asleep too.  Taking a nap—if I wanted. Waving good-bye as my husband pulls out of the … Continue reading

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Perception Is Reality: (Part I) What My Husband Sees…

  What began as a light-hearted post about my husband worrying I spend too much time on the computer has turned into something I’d rather not have examined.  (After all, this from a man with three 24″ monitors; who is … Continue reading

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Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… There Are No Rules by Jane Friedman

Tuesday mornings have become very important to me.  I get to weigh in at the weekly Weight Watchers meeting at 9 a.m. and see how much weight I’ve lost in the past week. I try to approach this test with … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Pretty… or Where’s Robert De Niro When I Need Him?

  Let’s get right to the chase.  I managed to sweat out exactly fifteen pages to cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it was at the cost of not sleeping in on Sunday and not getting to choose between Hoarding: … Continue reading

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