Picking an Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Plum Bananas by Michael R. Christer

Tuesday's Apple

How Do You Like This Apple?


Let’s cut right to the chase; my shiny, juicy, ready-to-bite-into apple this week is Plum Bananas by Michael (Mike) Christer. 

I love the name.  Plum Bananas.  What a great idea and play on words.  It’s A Guide to Life from “a neurotic, liberal, health-obsessed, social phobic vegan,” so in terms of branding himself, Mike has done a bang-up job.  It’s hard to forget a name like Plum Bananas.  When I first saw the name, I was a little jealous and wondered why I couldn’t come up with something so cool. 

Plum Bananas.  Plum Bananas.  It was genius.  I walked around all day trying to think of something similar—yet different—that was just as memorable and I got off on a vegetable~fruit kick:  Peared Grapes, Turn-up Potatoes, Eggplanted Zucchini; you get the idea.  I was driving my husband crazy, so I decided to stick with my original writing theme. 

The first time I noticed Plum Bananas was when I was setting up my blog and saw Mike’s July 30 I Cry, Therefore, I am (a wuss) featured on the front page of the WordPress home page in an area called Freshly Pressed.  It was an endearing, sweet read about a father spending time with his daughters and I’ll bet Mike tears up at Little House on the Prairie, too. 

I started exploring the site and found lots of warm, funny, quirky posts.  The July 11 Holy Guano had me laughing like crazy.  When it comes to wimpy husbands, small furry creatures, and bats, I do have experience, but Michael had me ducking for cover when he said: 

“The bat lifted then fell, flapping towards my neck. Jennifer (his wife) screamed. I screamed. I think I saw bloody fangs, but I can’t be sure…”  

Plum Bananas is a place I go to when I need a smile.  It’s genuinely engaging while still managing to connect the common thread many of us are thinking. 

You’ll want to go to Plum Bananas, http://plumbananas.wordpress.com/,  and check out how Mike’s mind works for yourself.  He’s a pretty witty guy who allows us to see life with his family through his eyes. 

If you want to try a brain teaser, try to think of your own fruit~vegetable combination and see what you come up with; it’ll stalk you all day!  I mean… this site could have been Corny Beans. 

I know, it’s time for me to go.  ~ JD here 

PS:  As for my personal weigh-in today, I lost eight-tenths of a pound.  So Yaay!  And, as of Sunday, my page total was 60, so double Yaay! 

PPS:  If you have any cool blogs to share, I’d love to hear about them!

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4 Responses to Picking an Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Plum Bananas by Michael R. Christer

  1. Keep up the good work, I like your writing.

  2. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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