Sometimes I feel like a nut; sometimes…

If I were a nut, I'd like to be here.

If I were a nut, I’d like to be here.

I still feel like a nut.  Most of all I feel thankful.

Yesterday I saw my doctor for the final evaluation to discuss test results.  (This post is a follow up to I never said I was Popeye.)

In a nutshell (ha), I passed everything with flying colors.  My doctor wants me to work out as hard as I can to try to get beyond the pain.  (As you might guess, he’s a very athletic guy.)

The original cause?  Probable viral infection compounded by scar tissue which formed over a tear to my muscles/ligaments in the sternum and vertebral body joint (Who knew?) brought on by severe coughing or working out.  Which continues to gets agitated and painful when I work out.

Whew.  I’m to think of it like arthritis, even subject to weather conditions.

So, no definitive answer (except what’s been ruled out) without doing a cardio/pulmonary stress test usually reserved for Olympic athletes, which still might not yield concrete answers.  The test involves riding a bike to exhaustion.  My doctor didn’t recommend it which is okay by me.

I’m leaving out a few micro-details, but bottom line:  I’m happy to be released to exercise again, knowing I’m not damaging anything further, and I’m thankful for the chance to get back into shape.  Body and mind overhaul:  Lose the 25 lbs. I accumulated while not working out, and lose the apathetic mindset/personality accumulated while not working out.  Receiving the green light is over half the battle.  I ran 1.35 miles as soon as I got out of my appointment.

Speaking of personalities and nuts, there’s a plethora of quizzes to determine what kind of nut you are.  If you’re curious, Go HERE.

First question:  “You are walking along on the sidewalk when suddenly a squirrel darts in front of you. It stops and gives you the evil eye. What do you do?

What would you do?

What would you do?

So, back to me.  Arrgh.  I don’t particularly like peanuts,but guess what my result said?

Apparently this is me.

Apparently this is me.

“YOU are a peanut.  You have your moments of being crazy, but you are surprisingly well-adjusted.  You go well with any other type of nut.”

Think about that, my friends and loved-ones,  and have a wonderful kind of day!

PS:  If you take the quiz, I’d like to know what kind of nuts I’m hanging out with.  🙂

PPS:  Finally activated my screenwriting website  and am open for comments and/or suggestions. 

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6 Responses to Sometimes I feel like a nut; sometimes…

  1. Paula says:

    Glad you’re about to get back in the zone. Your fellow peanut

  2. Candace says:

    From another peanut — what was it I recently read? Dare to leap. Net will arrive. Here’s to your easing back into where you want to be!

  3. Travis says:

    I’m an Almond, mostly sweet with a tendency to get crazy once in awhile. Now I’m sleep better at night, just not on Friday nights.

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