It’s been awhile…

Christmas background 9.jpg

And it is that time of year again!

First off, let me say how well my husband is doing almost a year and a half after his major bicycle accident.  He’s recovered so well, I’d like to call it a mishap, but when you are technically almost internally decapitated, it is not a mishap.

He is more-or-less back to his usual activities of (yes) bicycling, running, wind-surfing, cross-country skiing, and almost every other physical endeavor he tries.   I say “more-or-less” because he’ll never be quite the same, but we are both so very grateful for his amazing recovery, nuances at this point fall away.

He continues to struggle with his right hand as the improvement with dexterity and strength continue to challenge him, but he is a shining example of not giving up, even if the improvements are slower in this area. He is my hero.

Second, we are very appreciative for all the prayers, good wishes, and encouragement we’ve received from our family, friends, and so many people who simply wish him well.

Christmas background thank you


Third, and this is about me, now.

I’ve announced to the world that my screenwriting specialty is writing Christmas Family Adventure stories. I’ve revamped my Gayla Betts Screenwriting website to reflect that.

If you go over there before January 4, 2016, you can see very cool snow falling lightly across the background.

As part of the redo, I’ve created a blog there called The Yule Blog, where I’m currently reviewing Christmas movies each day until Christmas.

So far I’ve reviewed on a scale of 5:

Day 1 – The Nine Lives of Christmas (Earned 4 Sprigs of Mistletoe)

Day 2 – A Bride For Christmas (Earned 5 Golden Rings)

Day 3 – The Holiday Yule Log (Earned 5 Yule Logs)                                        Also, it provided the inspiration for my new blog title with a little Yule history.

Day 4 – Angels Sing (Earned 4 Christmas Lights)

Day 5 – Christmas in Boston (Earned 3 Snow Globes)

Day 6 – Will be forthcoming today.

In the future, I intend to share my happenings, which will of course include husband stories, plus cat and dog stories, from that blog.

Thanks for your support on my journey!  ~ G

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  1. Richard File says:

    Thanks for the update!

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