Silver Bells For Nine Red Birds

I always postpone taking my birdbaths down until the very last moment.  But, in the middle of December, with snow and ice finally predicted, I couldn’t wait any longer and take the chance my beautiful bowls would crack from the frozen pressure.

In September...

In September…

So, sadly, I told the cardinals and the mourning doves it was time.   And took down or turned over at least eight birdbaths.  (I lost count for the benefit of my husband who seems to delight in keeping track and telling me I don’t need anymore…)  One shallow dish on the ground is kept filled with water for those birds willing to swoop low with the rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife, but it’s not nearly as pretty.

The ceramic anniversary gift--to my husband.

The ceramic anniversary gift–to my husband.

The lady's face down until spring...

The lady’s face down until spring…

What’s left are stumps ~ the birdbath bases.  Yuck.  On one of them I placed a mirrored ball of crackled glass.  On another, a mosaic-tiled stepping stone is perched.

Still pretty in winter.

Still pretty in winter.

But, for the centerpiece of my shell garden…  something spectacular–at least in my eyes–had to do justice.

Some dead tree limbs had fallen into our yard; a stroke of luck.  ZuZu thought me demented as we gathered and placed them in the now larger-than-life vase.  As if she would be receiving a new supply of throwing sticks…  silly girl.



A new idea hatched and an hour later, courtesy Meijers’ 25% off sale of already quite reasonable plastic ornaments and Joanne Fabrics’ 70% off all holiday decor, my wildlife arrangement was decorated.

Ta Da!

Silver Bells for Nine Red Birds ~ Happy Winter!

I don’t usually write poetry, so I apologize in advance, but I’m inspired by the new arrangement.

                              “Silver Bells For Nine Red Birds”

   Nine red birds dance on dead forgotten limbs

                   While silver bells swirl round and tinkle in the wind.

     The snow is coming; the snow won’t wait.

                   But I’ll delight to watch, then listen, to the prance and prate. 

This year I’m trying to slow down and cherish the moments as I wrap a special present, drink a cup of hot chocolate under soft Christmas lights, and look out the window in the bleak cold to see a flash of red and silver in the backyard.

A different kind of tweet.

A different kind of tweet.

For now I’m going to turn on the Christmas music of Michael Bublé for a few minutes and  carve out some quiet writing time before I jump back into my hectic to-do list.

A Very Merry to YOU!

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  1. Candace says:

    Love it!

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