Blue Thoughts

“Blue Thoughts”

He wasn’t home to meet me tonight.
Never again.
I won’t be able to hold him tonight.
Never again.

Can’t be helped.
Hurts so bad, but don’t want to not hurt.
Reminds me how much he mattered.

Part of my life.
Now gone.
Can’t sleep with ashes.
Who cares?

Tears run deep.

Can’t breathe.
Miss him.
Miss him.
Miss him.

Sweet, sweet boy of mine.

Blue Blue ~ 1998-2012

A couple of days later I’m adding a PS:  Please read What Happens When Your Guy Might Not Be As Brilliant As You Thought if you’d like to know his quirky origins.  =^.^=

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8 Responses to Blue Thoughts

  1. Jean Hickok says:

    I feel so bad for you. Take time to grieve. Love you!

  2. Candace says:

    Oh! Am so sorry – who knows when hurting will turn into fond memories? It may be a long time to live with the sorrow. Wish there was something I could do to help you heal. Candace

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