Everything Changes – Let the Sunshine In.

This Memorial Day weekend, we stayed home.  (Paul’s original accident details from 5-6-14 here.)  (The first update on his condition here.)  Knowing Paul was on the screened-in porch most of the time, I was happy to work in our backyard as much as possible, unplugged from everything and everyone except him and nature.

First the ferns...

First the ferns…

Over the past fifteen years, a giant maple tree on the right side of this photo towards the back, shaded our yard so well, it was like a forest glade.

That tree slowly and sadly died; then had to be removed.  Many things in our backyard are seeing sunlight for the first time in at least twenty-five years (my guess).

In the first rays of spring, the ferns and hostas have done exceptionally well this season. However… they will soon burn up as spring light turns to summer heat.  One of my projects over the weekend was moving as many ferns to the safety of the shade from our other maple (way in the back) as I could.  I trust they will adjust.

I also trust Paul will adjust.  He is getting strong enough to talk more –  in spurts, and assert his independence.

Based on his therapists’ recommendations, we had an agreement.  He can walk by himself if he’s wearing his neck brace and using his walker.  (I added cell phone, (baseball cap if it’s hot), and water bottle to his basket.)  Or… he can walk wearing his brace without his walker if he’s with me or another trusted, capable, and approved (by me) companion.

However, as we hashed out yesterday, NO, he cannot walk without his walker if the companion is also walking our rambunctious 55 lb dog, ZuZu.  He put me on the spot and I suggested he make a choice; the walker and the dog (being handled by the companion), or no walker/no dog.  Ultimately, he chose the former.  No, I don’t care if I appear to be Nurse Ratched.  We’re talking safety first.

Daddy's girl, sure, but also capable of knocking a grown man over.

Daddy’s girl, sure, but also capable of knocking a grown man over.

So you see, I’m catching him pushing the boundaries.  Which is a good thing, yet…

En Garde, I say, Mr. Betts.  En Garde.

Happy Tuesday after Memorial Day and have a great week.  Thank you for your continued prayers ~ P & G

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