Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Literary Rambles by Casey McCormick

A Blog Dog Weighs In

Picking A Good Apple


Here’s the thing; if I’m not writing, I should be finding an agent for my middle grade novel.   

Writing to an agent to ask for representation is called querying.  The elusive art of writing query letters is almost an industry unto itself.    

There are books on how to write the perfect query letter plus seminars, webinars, and break-out sessions at writing conferences.  How do you get an agent to notice you?  Freaky-cute gifts or “Lucy and Ethyl” antics won’t cut it.   

 Sometimes a great book won’t even cut it.  It’s all about what the agent finds appealing.  How do you write that opening line; that magic wriggling worm hook?   

Through my research on 1) how to find the perfect agent (You know, somebody like Kathleen Turner’s best friend/agent in Romancing The Stone?) and 2) how to write the perfect query letter, I discovered Casey McCormick’s blog Literary Rambles.  It’s my shiny apple pick for today.   

Casey’s built a super slick site sharing information on agents representing children’s books.   

Casey, a “part aspiring author, part agent intern, part student, part blogger, part wife, and part baby mama (x2)” has carved a niche for herself with the extensive data she offers.   

Every Thursday, Casey features an agent in an easy-to-compare format covering submission guidelines, presence on the web, what or “what not” the agent is seeking, background information, clients, sales the agent has made, query methods, response times, contact information, quotes from the agent, and what’s being “buzzed” regarding the agent.   

What I especially appreciate are the related links Casey adds to each agent’s profile so it’s easy to do further investigation on a particular agent.   

Casey also provides a “Tuesday Tip,” a writing or research bit of advice from a fellow writer or herself.  Today’s tip was from a newly agented Carolyn Flower, on Informing Your Manuscript, or, How to Use Your Friends and Strangers.  For me, very interesting stuff!   

The benefit of Casey’s blog is that it’s a “one-stop” place to check out the skinny on agents in the children’s literature field.  In this current environment of info overload, I don’t have the time I’d like to run down every lead that splinters into a thousand more; I’m supposed to be writing.   

If there is that desire to delve deeper, Casey supplies her readers with an abundance of useful general articles and links.  I’ve been so busy absorbing all the details, I didn’t realize until today I could submit my own 250 word or less piece of material pertaining to the first chapter, query letter, synopsis or log line of my book to be posted on her site for feedback.  How cool is that?  I think Casey will be hearing from me…   

So, a double “Yaay!” to Casey McCormick and all the work she does.  Thank you, Casey!   

Your blog is one of the best!  ~ JD here

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2 Responses to Picking An Apple: A Blog Dog Weighs In… Literary Rambles by Casey McCormick

  1. K.M. Walton says:

    Casey and her blog are chock-full of useful information. I scoured her Agent Spotlights every week and got quite a few requests because of the personalization I was able to include in my queries. In short, Casey rules.

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