Perception Is Reality: (Part II) What My Husband Needs To See…

A very nice desk

Just waiting for me...



First, I should mention I do have a desk.  I use it sometimes when my laptop is out of juice and I’m recharging.  It’s a very nice white wicker glass-topped desk with side-pockets and a padded chair.           

(Confession–I had to have that desk fifteen years ago… but I’m short and need a prop to get comfortable; since it cost a lot, I try.)  

Today has been a breath of fresh air.  Instead of a furnace-blasting oven in mid-August, it’s a cool glimpse of September with a hint of fall.  I’ve been working on the back porch all day and enjoyed a most productive writing session.         

I’ve managed to stay in one spot.  The wind-chimes tinkle in the backyard and a soft breeze reaches my cheek.  I write on.         

And, my husband?  Well, this morning I stayed in bed until he returned from walking the dog so he wouldn’t see me sitting in the same old position on the same old bed in my same old pajamas.  I had a smoothie, went to the spare room and then started writing before checking the Internet        

The man who wouldn’t pick up the phone or answer the door if the entire Publishers Clearing House crew was standing outside interrupted me four times in less than an hour:        

Once to remind me I promised to walk our dog at 7:30 during his conference call (she’s prone to barking), again searching for the cell phone charger, once more to inform me one of the cats was looking for me (sweet, but…  huh?), and finally to let me know it was 7:25—hint, hint.         

Back by 8:30, I’d showered and was raring to go.  No longer dressed in PJ’s, I might add.  I did a quick ten minute peek at all my strings of wireless communication and turned off the Internet.          

Over my lunch hour, I saw my husband for a few minutes; he was jealous of the back porch arrangement, but he couldn’t lug all three monitors downstairs… and I took a nap—just enough to satisfy but not too long to tire me out.  I checked back in on FB, my blog and my e-mail long enough to make a couple of comments and then TURNED IT OFF—the time-sucking, quicksand-pulling Internet.  (Don’t get me wrong–I love it; I just need to love it on my terms.)        

Slightly after 4 p.m. and I’d–barely–caught up with my week’s total pages; let’s just say cramming is a bad habit.        

After peeling back some personal layers yesterday, all I wanted to do was sell everything and escape to Belize.  Today, I’d still go to Belize, but I don’t have to.        

What changed?  What made today a success?  I actually tuned out the distractions and worked.  Sounds simple, but it was hard.  I resisted the urge to be distracted by one biggie–playing around on the computer.         

Now that I’m done, I’m free—to make jewelry, weed the flowers on this still gorgeous day, go out to dinner with my husband and if I want… enjoy some time online with no guilt.        

I’d love to hear what you struggle with,  too.  ~ JD here

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2 Responses to Perception Is Reality: (Part II) What My Husband Needs To See…

  1. Candace says:

    Good for you! Right now I’m struggling (since you asked) with a change in internet providers (today) and some stuff is not working (one phone and my main computer which has all my poetry, short stories & novel on it). Bad timing, since we’re also loading up to take J back to school in the morning.

    • JD says:

      Dear Candace,

      Thanks for sharing. It is frustrating, isn’t it? When you do something right, you feel such a sense of accomplishment and then you go forth confidently and wipe out something really important that takes hours to fix. At least I do!

      Hope everything comes together sooner than later. ~ JD

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